Bombay Darbar: Spice It Up


It’s a warm Miami afternoon and you’re out with your friends in Coconut Grove. Why not beat the weather at its own game with a spicy lunch? Bombay Darbar has just the heat you’re looking for, with a menu of authentic Indian classics and plenty of curry spice. As you and your buddies are seated at your table, order a round of mango lassis for everyone. There’s nothing better to cool your tongue after a few fiery bites. As for your menu choices, today you feel like sticking with the classics: chicken tikka masala, lamb biryani, and aloo gobi. Your waiter will then ask how spicy you like it. If you shout out “Very!” be ready for a seriously delicious culinary challenge. Of course, even though your friends are here, you’ve got nothing to prove, and the kitchen will be happy to prepare a milder version that’s no less flavorful. But who are we kidding? Of course you’re going to go for it. Just keep that glass of lassi close by, and be ready to order another. Once you’ve mopped the sweat off your brow and paid the check, head back outside. Chances are, it will feel a few degrees cooler than when you walked in.

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Bombay Darbar

3195 Commodore Plaza Miami FL 33133

(305) 444-7272

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