5 Amazing Beach Activities in Miami: From Windsurfing to SUP Yoga


Welcome to the surf-and-sand paradise of Miami, where you can enjoy beach activities year-round. Now, what adventure should you try first?

Adventure Sports Miami

You want to check out kiteboarding, and here’s your chance: you and your friends arrive at Matheson Hammock Park, a wonderfully unspoiled beach with palm trees and native plants—a locals’ spot most visitors never hear about. The friendly instructor from Adventure Sports Miami tells you about the awesome sport he’s about to teach you. Kiteboarding combines aspects of windsurfing, snowboarding, and even gymnastics into one awesome ride. The sea is warm and relatively shallow, making this a great spot for beginners. You appreciate how the instructor focuses on safety and explains the mechanics involved in using the kite’s control bar and how to stand correctly on the kiteboard. This turns out to be one of the coolest challenges you’ve attempted in a while!

Virginia Key Outdoor Center

When you’re exploring Virginia Key Beach—another hidden gem mostly visited by in-the-know locals—you come across the Virginia Key Outdoor Center, which offers a whole range of beach activities. Here, tucked away near a small lagoon, you and your friends rent kayaks and go on a mellow paddle. Mangroves, with their long roots that grow into the salt water, serve as a nursery for baby tropical fish. As you dip your paddle into the sea, you notice a shadow beneath you—it’s a baby manatee! He’s gentle, but his giant mother is not far behind. You all pause in silence to watch these two peaceful creatures nibbling at sea grasses.

Sailboards Miami

Just on the other side of the Virginia Key Bridge, you notice a truly awesome spot for windsurfing. As your luck would have it, Sailboards Miami is open and ready for adventurers. The staff gets you outfitted with equipment and soon you’re whipping over the water once again. It’s one of your all-time favorite beach activities, and what a fantastic spot for it—with the high-rises of Miami in the background and the open expanses of glittering bay in front of you.

SUP Yoga

Next, it’s time for a challenge of a different type. Sure, you know all about standup paddleboarding, but now you want to do something a little different: SUP Yoga. You arrive at Crandon Beach on Key Biscayne wearing your bathing suit instead of your usual yoga outfit. It’s morning, so that sun hasn’t risen to its full height, and soon you and the other students are heading out on longboards. The ocean looks serene and you can’t wait to get started. It’s an interesting sensation, to lunge into a proud warrior pose and work to keep balanced on the board. It requires all your concentration, and quickly, every ounce of stress fades away from you. The only things that exist now are the board, the sea, and the encouraging sound of your instructor’s voice.

Synergy Yoga

SUP Yoga is such a blast, you and your friends decide to indulge in a private yoga lesson on land later in the day. Your teacher from Synergy Yoga meets you on Miami Beach, and you all agree that it’s a stunning setting for exercise. In the distance, the sun has dropped down so that it hovers at the edges of the horizon, giving the sky a soft, pinkish cast. As your calves stretch with a downward facing dog, your palms press into the soft sand. The sound of the surf lulls you into a trance of well-being. There is just something about being by the sea that makes you deeply happy.

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