Miami’s 3 Best Desserts: See What You’ve Been Missing


There’s nothing wrong with dishing out some grocery-store ice cream to the family for an after-dinner treat, but sometimes, you’ve got to leave the kitchen table and experience something different. Given its status as the unofficial capital of Latin America, Miami is filled with places to get amazing desserts with a delicious Latin twist. Why not pile the kids in the car and go try them?

Whether they like sour, sweet, or chocolate, every member of your family will agree: These Latin-inspired treats are some of the best desserts in South Florida. Pop into any of these three neighborhood spots for an epic family-night dessert crawl.

Morir Soñando

At Milly’s Restaurant in Coral Gables, you can get a creamsicle in a glass. The home-style Dominican restaurant stays traditional and mixes condensed milk, orange juice, and sugar into a sweet-tart drink known as morir soñando (it means “die dreaming” – what a way to go). It tastes like you blended your favorite sugary childhood breakfast cereal and milk with your side of orange juice – just like your mother would never let you. Sidle up to the bar and ask the owner, Milly, to serve it her way. She’ll add vanilla-infused simple syrup and a squirt of lime juice, which is just the way her mother made it. Once the glasses hit the bar, it’s time to start the ultimate slurping contest. But good luck: With a drink this tart, your lips are going to pucker around the straw.

Chocolate Mousse Cake Taco

If you’ve got a chocolate lover in your family, they will flip over B.C. Cafe‘s sweet twist on tacos. Whether you’re visiting B.C.’s casual Mexican food truck or the brick-and-mortar shop in Davie, they start with a homemade chocolate tortilla shell, then fill it with alternating layers of chocolate cake and chocolate mousse. And if that’s not enough, the whole thing is topped with a few more hunks of chocolate. But be warned: There is no polite way to eat one. When you chomp down, this treat oozes chocolate all over the place, so divvy out the napkins and take turns wiping each other’s chocolaty chins. Finding this elevated Choco Taco treat can be a challenge, though — it isn’t always on the menu, so order it any chance you get.

Dulce de Leche Cake

It’s not for nothing that Oprah Winfrey says the cakes at Miami Beach’s Icebox Cafe are the best desserts in America. No matter how much of a responsible grownup you are, you will leave nose prints on the dessert case after gazing at everything on offer. But don’t get distracted by the other treats: You can’t miss the dulce de leche, with its three layers of buttery yellow cake, creamy dulce de leche, and homemade whipped cream. Or, if you and your little ones can’t settle on one dessert, order the icebox sampler that includes slivers of three or five treats of your choice. You can’t go wrong with their deep-dish versions of key lime and apple pie. You’ll all leave Icebox with full tummies and memories of another great family night out.

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