For your next family outing, head to a place where you’re actually encouraged to eat off the ground. At the Preston B. Bird and Mary Heinlein Fruit and Spice Park, the five second rule does not apply. Whatever has fallen naturally from the fruit trees here is fair game. There’s no poking, picking, or poaching, but if nature decided that it’s time for that tasty mango to take a dive, it’s all yours. As you tiptoe, twerk, and sashay through thirty verdant acres you’ll be amazed at the exotic fruits around. Many can’t live anywhere in the country but in this cozy subtropical microclimate in Florida. Introduce your little ones to breadfruit and carambola, and show them why ugli fruit makes up for its looks with its beautiful taste. There’s also ackee and more than a few things that would cause Andrew Zimmern to do a double take. All you need is a little breeze so you can try for yourself. Should you find yourself there on an unlikely day when not much has hit the ground, fret not, because your kids can still stuff their faces with natural goodies at The Mango Café. The titular mango pops up all across the menu, joined by super-fresh fruit salads, smoothies, shakes, and–out of nowhere but still delicious–a fantastic Florida lobster roll. The kids will love sampling fruits and jellies, among the highlights of this very juicy destination.

Preston B. Bird-Mary Heinlein Fruit and Spice Park

24801 SW 187th Ave Homestead FL 33031

(305) 247-5727

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