Miami is known for its beaches, nightlife and eccentric people. One of these eccentrics who made his home here was Edward Leedskalnin. And by “made his home,” he literally built his home here by taking huge blocks of limestone and single handedly creating a unique castle-like structure that took 28 years to finish. With 8 foot tall walls, rocking chairs carved from stone (taking a whole new spin on the term “rock”ing chair), and a two story tower, it’s like you’ve stepped into a fantasy world. Bring your kids for a family day out and watch as your children pretend they’re the kings and queens of Coral Castle. Perhaps you might even encourage their imaginations by pointing out that no one actually witnessed the castle being built – was there something more than just elbow grease at work here? While the locals have their own stories of how this castle was built, the original and magical tales your kids will come up with will be the stuff of family stories for years to come.

Coral Castle

28655 South Dixie Highway Miami FL 33033

(305) 248-6345

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