Museum of Contemporary Art: Modern Art for Modern Love


If you’re looking to impress your mate with a date to remember in Los Angeles, a meal and a movie are just for beginners. This weekend, be a romance master and head downtown to the Museum of Contemporary Art. As you walk hand-in-hand amidst the sparkling skyscrapers and majestic Walt Disney Concert Hall next door, your spouse will know that a stimulating treat is on the way. Smart is sexy, and you’ll have plenty of chances to show off your intellect as you stroll past the striking exhibitions. Show your spontaneity as you steal a kiss in front of the vibrant patterns of a Jackson Pollock painting. Lean in close and whisper a secret beside a dynamic Basquiat. Discuss the impact of an abstract Rothko—why you both think it’s more than just color on canvas—and you’ll discover each other’s inspirations. Exploring fascinating examples of architecture, photography, and sculpture together will evoke feelings you just can’t get from a noisy restaurant. MOCA’s intimate setting makes it an ideal place to share with someone special. It’s L.A. culture at its finest, host to the kinds of dates that make memories that last.

Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles

250 S Grand Ave Los Angeles CA 90012

(213) 626-6222

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