Don’t let the name scare you. You’ll be safe at Cliff’s Edge, though your date won’t know quite what to expect as you approach the massive doors, which appear to lead straight into a jungle. Cross the threshold and you’re rewarded with one of the most enchanting outdoor dining spots in LA. With a patio spread across two levels, surrounded with bamboo, and shaded by an ancient, sprawling tree at the center, you and your honey can easily imagine yourselves in some charming tropical garden, completely off the radar. Grab a corner table with plenty of cushions, perfect for getting comfortable over a bottle of wine. Share an order of squash blossoms with Dungeness crab before indulging in mains like steamed mussels and free-range chicken. Even when every seat is occupied, it never feels crowded, leaving you and your date feeling like the only ones in this impossibly lovely space. Feel free to linger. The night doesn’t have to end when your meal does, so order a round of after-dinner cocktails and stay off the grid a little while longer.

Cliff's Edge

3626 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026

(323) 666-6116

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