Romance and mystery have long been cohorts in the art of seduction, and David Minkin’s Evening of Enchantment takes a page out of the book of love by asking attendees to surrender unequivocally to the unknown. The evening begins inside the revered Avalon Theater, a romantic venue in and of itself. For the first hour, you’ll be tasting fine wines and sampling hors d’oeuvres with your date in a candlelit room, but it’s the wave of anticipation for what’s to come — with all its subtext — that subtly works its way to the forefront of the dynamic at play between you and your date.

At last, after moving into the theater room, the show begins. You would think that sitting within feet of this magician would give you a fighting chance of discovering his secrets, but alas, David Minkin’s mastery leaves you astounded at the ineffable display before you. This is for the best, really, as the enigma allows you and your date the opportunity to fill in the how-does-he-do-that blanks together. Should you reveal your feelings at this moment, or should you linger in the mystery of love just a while longer? When the time comes, you’ll know.

David Minkin's Evening of Enchantment

1737 Vine St Los Angeles CA 90028

(866) 737-3436

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