YogaHop: Mind and Body Workout


Ready for a completely new workout that’s both extremely effective and unbelievably fun? Grab some like-minded friends and head over to YogaHop in Santa Monica for an exhilarating mind-and-body tune-up filled with rocking sounds and feel-good moves. This exercise studio is unlike any in Los Angeles. Your heart races as Top 40 hits blast from the speakers. You’ll get all the benefits of flowing yoga —strength, endurance, flexibility—while enjoying a dance party vibe. As soon as the class begins, the fun starts. Shift from Warrior One to Warrior Two as Jay Z executes a master rhyme. Arch your back into Cobra pose as Justin Timberlake serenades the room. You’ll enjoy the company of your friends as you all do something positive for your health, quite a change from your usual happy hour gatherings. The talented instructors wear headsets and microphones as they roam around the room, keeping the energy sky-high and ensuing that both the beginners and the masters in your crew get the most out of their time. Finish with your hands to your heart in meditation and revel in a deep inner calm as your instructor salutes you with namaste. As you head out, you’ll feel confident you have the energy you need to tackle anything that comes your way.


1612 Montana Ave Santa Monica CA 90403

(310) 829-5000

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