Whether you and your foodie friends have backpacked across the world trying strange dishes or you want to experience unusual international food for the first time, Susan Fenigar’s Street is a restaurant singularly devoted to recreating some of the most scrumptious street food from around the globe. Go with a group of friends and find yourself halfway across the planet as you try much raved about dishes that normally can’t be found without a $1000 plane ticket. If you got a little too crazy the night before, don’t miss out on the Kaya toast, a delicious concoction of coconut jam and soft eggs inside of toast with healing properties rivaling any natural hangover cure you know. The spirit of experimentation is alive and well at Street, so make the most of it by trying and sharing multiple items and exchanging impressions of the dishes as you sample. Your friends might have a hard time agreeing on the best dish, but don’t be surprised if after eating you all suddenly catch the travel bug.

Susan Fenigar's Street

742 North Highland Avenue CA 90038

(323) 203-0500

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