Whenever you look at those candid paparazzi shots of celebrities walking down the street with shopping bag in one hand, phone in the other, there is a good chance they were taken on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles. So to see stars in their natural environment, put your undersized dog in your oversized bag and head with your girlfriends for an outing of trendy shopping and celebrity spotting! Thanks to the ubiquitous paparazzi presence, there is a palpable sense of anticipation in the air, a sense that at any moment you could find yourself reaching for the same blouse as Selena Gomez or having coffee at the same cafe as Ryan Gosling. As you and your friends mosey down the star-strewn boulevard, making your way from stylish store to chic boutique, be sure to enjoy the people watching. For lunch, try to secure a seat at the Ivy on the edge of the patio so you and your friends can continue to scope out possible celebutantes — you might find yourself debating among your friends if that girl who kind of-sort of-maybe looked like Taylor Swift was the real deal, but this element of wishful projecting is part of what makes an afternoon on Robertson Boulevard a uniquely LA shopping experience.

Robertson Boulevard Shopping District

Beverly Boulevard and Burton Way CO 90069

(323) 464-1478

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