Play the Day Away at GameHaus Cafe


You want to go out: Just leave the house, grab your friends, and go see the world. But you don’t really want to sit in a restaurant, and a movie is too much of a commitment, and the bar scene just isn’t speaking to you. You could go for a hike or something, but…

Suddenly, inspiration strikes. You call up your friends and issue a challenge: Settlers of Cattan marathon. You’re confident in your skills, and don’t want to be accused of trying to gain some kind of home-court edge. Tell them to meet you at GameHaus Café, to keep your honor intact. And to enjoy a clean, homey environment, a crazy selection of other board games, and a slice of homemade pie – none of which your humble abode can claim.

It’s Friday night, so you get there early to claim a groovy, distressed table. Take a load off in a cushy leather chair you wished you owned, and have a look around. The rustic brick walls give the place a kind of urban millennial sit-com vibe, and when your friends show up to throw down, you all settle in as though you were hanging out at the Central Perk. Soon, though, you’re all distracted by the unbelievable display on the shelves lining the walls. It looks like a kids’ bookstore with the array of cardboard colors lining the walls. When last they checked, GameHaus had almost 900 games – and the collection is always growing. There are board games, card games, party games, strategy games, combat games, and everything in between.

If your group needs more participants, just put up a sign that says you’re looking for an extra player. You’ll be surprised by how quickly a fellow nerd sits down to join you. Buy a round of espressos for yourself, your old buddies, and your new bestie (to soften the blow of you totally crushing them), and get down to business. GameHaus Café is open ’til midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, so it’s gonna be a long one.

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GameHaus Cafe

1800 South Brand Boulevard Glendale CA 91204

(818) 937-9061

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