On The Waterfront: German Beer, Venice Beach View


At the On the Waterfront Cafe, you and your friends can choose between two types of entertainment: Catching the game on the restaurant’s massive flatscreen, or sitting outside and letting the world-famous weirdness of Venice Beach roll by your table. In either case, you’ll have plenty of German beers and tasty pub grub to accompany the show.

A couple sports-fanatic friends are leaning toward sitting inside, but the pull of the colorful crowd, and the gorgeous weather, overcomes any need to keep an eye on the score. You manage to snag one of the long, wooden tables, and now you and your buddies have front-row seats at one of the top people-watching spots on earth. Amidst the buzzing crowds of locals and tourists, you are treated to break dancers, jugglers in tiny Speedos, human robots, and joke peddlers entertaining passersby.

For the next order of business, you order up your first round and contemplate food options. You and most of the table go for On the Waterfront’s specialty, the Erdinger Weizenbier, which is a German wheat beer served on tap. One friend, after a long, ponderous silence, throws his menu down and announces he’s going for “The Boot,” which is 44 ounces of hefeweizen served in a massive boot-shaped mug. The declaration livens up the atmosphere at your table even further, and you wave over the waiter to get things started. For this much beer, you’ll need to down a decent amount of food, too. The menu is a sprawling list of SoCal bar staples and classic Swiss meals — perfect to accompany the golden German draughts. You order up a few giant Bavarian pretzels, each served with a sweet mustard dipping sauce, and follow it up with Swiss bratwursts and breaded pork schnitzel. Soon the table is littered with empty plates, empty flute-style beer glasses, and a half-finished boot. Better order another round while your friend works on his mega-beer, but it’s no trouble. The Boardwalk is still jumping and the night is just getting started. When the best views and brews of Venice Beach are right at your fingertips, why go anywhere else?

On The Waterfront

205 Ocean Front Walk Los Angeles CA 90291

(310) 392-0322

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