Mac-o-licious: Next-Level, Super-Charged Mac ‘N Cheese


Everybody loves good macaroni and cheese, but Mac-o-licious really loves it. The restaurant’s whole vibe is geared toward “comfort food” in general and this dish in particular, with mac ‘n’ cheese patterns printed on the tables’ trim little lampshades and throw pillows. Gingham patterns on the table tops and the little yellow silverware buckets at each spot reinforce that down-home feel; clearly, you and your friends will have no trouble making yourselves comfortable here.

The concept behind this food truck-turned-brick-and-mortar restaurant – created by owner and chef, Kelly Chapman – was launched to fame on CNBC’s Restaurant Startup. Since it opened, Chapman’s cozy, fast-casual spot has been packing them in.

There are tons of variations on the inventive menu – like the Maine mac, a blend of Gruyere and cheddar cheeses melted over Maine lobster, and the American mac with hickory-smoked bacon and asparagus. Make sure to order as many different kinds as you can fit on the table, and boost the flavor with some “love on top” – extras like black truffle, ghost pepper, or cornbread. Try not to stick your fork in your friend’s hand as you joust for the last bite of savory goodness. But don’t fill up too much, because you’ll also be intrigued by the deep-fried dipping creations known as “mac pops.” It’s always more fun when you can grip treats with your hands, dunk in creamy garlic sauce, then lick the salt off your fingers.

If you’re looking for a complement to the cheesy main attractions, try the rich lobster bisque, which is so full of lobster that your spoon might very well give. The menu also offers juicy meats, such as slow-roasted pot roast and free-range BBQ chicken. Chapman affectionately calls these options her “sides.”

After the main course, your heart may be filled with joy, but your belly might not have room for dessert — not yet, anyway. So why not bring home some of the fun? You can take one of their tasty TCBW’s (the best cake in the world) to go. These delectable mini bundts, such as the best-selling Italian butter rum, are a great way to keep the party going. Eating at Mac-o-licious makes you feel like a kid again…an extremely well-fed one.

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5217 Laurel Canyon Boulevard Los Angeles CA 91607

(818) 814-6220

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