LA Story: DJ Lindsay Luv on Her Favorite Places in Silver Lake and Beyond


If you want to catch up with Lindsay Luv, you’ll have to move fast. The globetrotting DJ is rarely in one place for long, spinning at posh nightclubs around the world and “sound styling” campaigns for upscale brands in New York, where she got her start, and Los Angeles, where she lives now. It’s a hectic schedule—she’s off to Dubai for New Year’s Eve to DJ at Vault on the 72nd floor of the JW Marriott Marquis—but she wouldn’t have it any other way, since her career has her embracing her twin passions for music and fashion. On the rare occasions she has some free time at home, she’s on the move again, exploring her adopted neighborhood of Silver Lake. Not surprisingly, she’s become a bit of a local expert, so we asked her where she likes to go to exercise, eat, drink, shop, and party in the area. Good thing she suggested a coffee shop, because this will require some running around.

I want to hear about your favorite spots, but first tell me what you’ve been up to lately.

I’ve been splitting my time between DJing, sound designing—or, as I call it, sound styling—and blogging. I started out in New York DJing at a lot of clubs, and now I’m doing more high-end lifestyle and fashion events with brands like Victoria’s Secret, Armani, Maybelline, and Abercrombie. I’ll DJ an event, do a sound styling component, and put together a playlist or DJ mix. Then I’ll recap everything on my blog,, including how you can shop what I was wearing and listen to the music I was playing.

This involves a lot of travel.

I definitely travel a lot. I’ve been to Mexico, Asia, Dubai, and Europe numerous times for work. Sometimes I’ll go to New York a few times a month like I’m bicoastal. This winter I’m heading back out to Zurich. It’s my fourth time playing in Switzerland.


You know that saying, “I’m big in Japan”? I’m big in Switzerland. It’s kind of funny. Sometimes there are just random places that get into you and what you’re about and your music. This great client in Switzerland found me and brings me out regularly to play at the best club in Zurich called Jade.

What do you have coming up over the next few months?

I’ve recently launched a number of playlists for Victoria’s Secret on Spotify. It’s exciting, because we worked together initially on a radio station I essentially started for the brand on the DJ website Then Spotify started happening and we decided to start a Victoria’s Secret channel that I populate with playlists specifically for campaigns. There are two campaigns I worked on recently. One is called Simply Sexy and the other is called Fearless. Simply Sexy is a moody, sexy kind of playlist, and Fearless is more hear-me-roar, brave, sexy woman taking the night by storm.

Let’s talk about why you love LA. You live in Silver Lake, is that right?

I live in Silver Lake, though my husband and I recently bought a house half a mile away in Atwater Village.

Take us through a perfect day in Silver Lake and the nearby area. How does it begin?

Usually I start by taking my dog, Charlotte, on a walk around Silver Lake Reservoir, which is a little body of water with a walking trail around it that’s about three miles. It’s so nice and pretty and relaxing in the morning.

Where do you exercise?

I go to the Bar Method studio in Silver Lake. It’s a great dance-style workout and I do it 3-4 days a week.

Do you have any favorite places for breakfast?

One of my favorite spots is called Broome Street General Store. You can tell from the name that it has a New York, Soho kind of vibe. It’s a general store and coffee shop with a cool little courtyard. They sell all kinds of things, perfume, body soaps, salts, cook ware, and they have the best Parisian black iced tea that I drink almost every day. I love it. My other favorite spot is the Sunset Junction Coffee Shop. I love to sit at the bar there for breakfast if I feel like going out to get eggs Benedict, and they have fantastic animal-style pancakes. I like to go there with a book or magazine, or some work, and just hang out.

Now it’s lunchtime. Where do you like to go?

I love Sqirl in Silver Lake. They make the food right in front of you in their open kitchen. The owner, Jessica Koslow, became famous for making homemade jelly and jam and took it from there. They have a crispy rice salad with an egg on top that’s delicious. In Atwater Village, there’s Bon Vivant. It’s an everything place. They have couches in the front, or you can sit at a table. They make the best mac ‘n’ cheese I’ve ever had. It’s a good place to meet a friend. You could come with a group. You can come by yourself. It’s really a catch-all spot with a cozy vibe.

Let’s go shopping. What are your favorite boutiques in the area?

Mohawk General Store is amazing. They have a women’s store and a men’s store right next door. They carry a lot of great designers like Dries van Noten and local stuff as well. They have everything. Clothing, rings, body soaps. Then I would head to Downtown LA and hit up OAK. I used to shop there in New York. They opened an outpost near the Ace Hotel. There’s an ACNE store downtown I like. The Urban Outfitters flagship store is there too. I shop there all the time.

Okay, now it’s happy hour. Where are you heading?

For happy hour, L & E Oyster Bar in Silver Lake is the place. They have a really awesome upstairs bar/lounge and a happy hour almost every night of the week. They do oyster specials, and little bites like cheese plates and sardines. They have great wines and draft beers. I love oysters, and these are really nice, from all over the place. It brings me back to the east coast a bit. I’m from Boston originally, so I’m big into seafood, and this place does it right.

Anything else?

Bar Covell is a great place for a date because it has a more romantic atmosphere. I love to go there with my husband to have some wine and relax. My other favorite activity is wine tasting at Silver Lake Wine, which is a wine store that does tastings a few nights a week. They put out bread and cheese and different flights of wine and it’s so much fun, the whole community comes down there. It gets rowdy and they have food trucks outside. It’s good if you like meeting people and bringing out a few friends and keeping it easy.

And for dinner?

We love to go to Barbrix in Silver Lake. We’re really big sitting-at-the-bar people. We eat dinner at the bar all the time, although they also have a romantic outdoor courtyard. The food is amazing and they have a great wine selection. And I’m obsessed with Night + Market Song. It’s a Thai street food restaurant. It’s extremely low-key and quirky and feels like you could be in Thailand. They have pictures of Cindy Crawford from the ’80s on the walls, and they make extremely authentic Thai food that’s so spicy it will melt your face off.

Now it’s time to see some live music or check out a DJ.

There’s a new live music venue in Downtown LA where I went to see the band Deap Vally recently called the Belasco Theater. It’s super cool and has an interesting vibe. The Echo and Echoplex are great as well.

Where do you enjoy performing as a DJ in LA?

These days I’m at different venues all the time, but I was the resident DJ at Mondrian Skybar for four years every Saturday night, and that’s a quintessential LA nightspot. Overlooking the pool on the Sunset Strip, it’s a place to get that cool Hollywood vibe. And I like outdoor clubs, like the London rooftop. When you’re outside and the weather’s nice it’s just perfect.

Silver Lake and Downtown LA sound like fun places to hang out.

I’m a big fan of the area. People in the East Side don’t have the beach, so they put so much heart into making stuff cool and putting a lot of love into all kinds of great establishments.

So you’re west coast now. Will you be moving back to New York any time soon?

For career, family, and other reasons, LA is the place for now, but I’ll always be a New Yorker at heart. I still wear a lot of black.

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