If you close your eyes, this Los Angeles tavern makes it’s easy to imagine that you and your friends are drinking in a quaint little pub in Germany. With pictures of Germany adorning the walls, German barmaids dressed in authentic garb, and the loud joviality on both levels, The Red Lion Tavern will make you and your friends want to catch the next flight to Berlin. Go with your friends and try the two-liter Das Boot Glass, which is exactly what it sounds like: two liters of beer in a glass shaped like a human-sized boot. Sitting around a table with your group all drinking out of glass boots is about a surreal as it gets — not to mention practically challenging, so have your camera ready to capture the inevitable spills and miscues that come with drinking out of foot-shaped glasses. As a piano player hammers away on the ground floor, don’t be bashful about joining in on the booze-infused sing-a-long — though if the songs switch to German, you may need to catch the chorus a few times before joining in. A variety of smells (mostly sausage related) stoke the appetites of indoor diners in the downstairs restaurant, but make sure you and your group eventually check out the upstairs Biergarten, an open, outdoor space where making new friends is easy as saying “Guten Tag.”

The Red Lion Tavern

2366 Glendale Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90039

(323) 662-5337

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