The Forum: A Classic Reborn


There are many places in L.A. to see concerts and events, but few have had the roller coaster ride of the Forum in Inglewood. This is the joint where Magic-to-Worthy-to-Kareem begat an ‘80s Lakers dynasty, but lately it’s stood mostly unappreciated in the shadow of the Staples Center. A recent cash infusion is changing all that, meaning now is the time to organize your crew and make plans to check out a newly renovated Forum. Dress like rock stars, pile in the car, and get to the show early. Hit the bar and make a toast to new beginnings. Sink into the brand new, plush theater seats, look down—or up, depending on your seats—at the stage, and imagine what it must have been like when legendary acts like the Jackson Five, Led Zeppelin, and Barbra Streisand graced this stage. The sound system was always good, but the upgrade has made it even better. Jump around for the fast songs, and wrap your arms around your friends’ shoulders and sway for the slow ones. With concerts featuring awesome modern acts like Justin Timberlake and Kings of Leon, and old school greats like Sting and Paul Simon, all of L.A. will be buzzing about this reborn classic.

The Forum

Inglewood CA 90305

(212) 465-6741

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