Club Nokia — not to be confused with its big brother venue, the Nokia Theatre — is an audiophile’s delight. You and your music-loving friends might think you know what good acoustics are, but it’s not until you catch your favorite band here that you’ll understand how deprived your poor ears have been all these years. Thanks to vaulted ceilings and strategically-place acoustic panels, sound resonates and lingers rather than dying on impact. This means your group of music devotees will be able to hear that killer bass line without it drowning out the lead guitar’s thunder. You might not be able to articulate exactly how optimal the sound is here, but that’s okay. Something in the vein of “loud but not too loud” gets the job done. With its huge bar, Club Nokia allows enough room for everyone in your group to feasibly get his or her own drink, so for once your friends won’t be able to stick you with “I’ll get you later” promises you know will never come to pass. Drinks in hand, surrounded by friends, and rocking out to your favorite band, these are the moments you wish could last forever.

Club Nokia

800 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles CA 90015

(213) 765-7000

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