The first thing you need to know is that at Stan’s, there’s no wrong way to spell the name of its iconic specialty. Depending on where you look, you’ll see both “Stan’s Donuts” and “Stan’s Doughnuts,” and they’re both right. However you choose to spell it, one thing’s consistent at this beloved Westwood bakery: the donuts are some of the most decadent, delightful, and delicious you’ve ever had in your life. The moment you approach this modest white-walled shop, you’ll see why it’s been a favorite of students from nearby UCLA since it opened in 1965: it’s brimming with hundreds of scrumptious jelly, custard, and chocolate temptations. But you don’t have to be in academia to appreciate these super donuts, just drop by on your next outing with friends and indulge.

Hit the treadmill in the morning, because you won’t want to stop at just one of these sweet fried delights, and neither will your pals. Be generous and pass along a piece of your maple bar to your crew. Hopefully they’ll return the favor by offering a taste of Stan’s famous blueberry crisp. If not, buy a peanut butter and fresh banana doughnut—topped with chocolate chips—and slowly eat the whole thing in front of them. Stan’s is open until midnight, so you don’t have to rush to get here if dinner runs late. And if you need something to dunk in your morning coffee, they’ll be ready for you at 5am the next morning. Diving into one of these delicious pastries makes you feel like a kid again—all the more reason why Stan’s is such a great place to indulge in as an adult.

Stan's Doughnuts

10948 Weyburn Ave Los Angeles CA 90024

(310) 208-8660

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