Dessert-Hopping: The LA Sweets Crawl You Need to Do


Want to do something different on your next night out in Los Angeles? Forget bar-hopping. Round up any adventurous pals who have seriously sweet teeth and hit the road for a one-of-a-kind confection crawl. Some are extravagant, some are deep fried, and some combinations are so strange they sound illegal. One thing is for sure: A grand tour of these LA sweets will result in a fun time with friends you will never forget.

The Pie Hole

Start your evening downtown with some sugary creations as tall as the skyscrapers that surround you. Order a bunch of different pie flavors and get ready to share. Your first few bites should be classics like Mom’s apple crumble and Moe’s pumpkin. But once you’re all revved up and ready to fly, dive into the fluffy Earl Grey cream pie, topped with pistachio crumbs. Wash it all down with a salty caramel latte, and you’ll be ready for your next installment of LA sweets.

The Bun Shop

Make your way west and hitch your post in Koreatown at this fast-casual stand. Did you know deep-fried Oreos are a thing? Well, the Bun Shop has one, and it is awesome. Topped with green tea ice cream, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle, they come four per order. But one bite of the creamy, crispy goodness, and you’ll insist that everyone get their own order.

The Coolhaus Shop

You can find this brand of unique gourmet desserts at Whole Foods and Gelson’s, but they’ve got their own shop in Culver City. The most lethal, unusual flavors in the city fall under their umbrella – such as avocado Sriracha, beer & pretzels, Cuban cigar, and Peking duck. Ditch the spoons and make it a cookie sandwich. Biting into a balsamic fig and mascarpone cheese ice cream sandwiched between two red-velvet crisps will make you feel like mad scientist.

Bella Vista Brazilian Gourmet Pizza

Travel a little farther west onto Venice Boulevard and you’ll find this all-you-can-eat gem. Yes, you read that right: It’s an all-you-can-eat pizza joint that features dessert pizza and Brazillian-steakhouse-style service. They’ve got three kinds of pizza dolce to drool over, but since this crawl is filled with danger and risk, you might want to try the Romeo e Julieta. It’s a light and crispy cross between a Danish and a croissant stuffed with luscious guava paste and mozzarella filling. Parting is such sweet sorrow, but eating here is just sweet.

Blockheads Shavery

Perhaps the most exotic dessert you will try on this tour will be at Blockheads Shavery, just up the street in West LA’s Sawtelle area. One of their mainstay favorites is the black sesame “snow cream,” a Hawaiian-style dessert that combines the texture of shaved ice and the creaminess of ice cream. Use this as your base, and build your own creation with toppings like coconut flakes, egg pudding, and grass jelly. Consider this your time to cleanse the palate before your last stop.

DK’s Donuts

The original location located in Santa Monica, DK’s has been a Westside go-to shop for years. Along with their always-dependable stable of classic donuts, they’ve been known to take chances with new items. And for your grand finale, chomp into their latest creation: the wow-nut. It’s a waffle-donut hybrid, made to order with their original recipe. Piping hot and served with your choice of flavor and icing, these scrumptious treats melt in your mouth. Chocolate lovers will want to try the incomparable chocolate dream, a decadent chocolate waffle with white-chocolate icing and Oreo cookie crumbles. Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, the warm flavors will put you in a sweet trance. It’s the perfect way for you and your friends to finish off an amazing dessert tour.

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