Canter’s Deli: The Best of Old LA


Let the huge neon sign outside of Canter’s Deli draw you and your hungry friends into the warm embrace of this West Hollywood institution. Once inside, you can’t help but fall in love the old LA feel, from the art deco décor to their classic ceiling of autumn foliage. As you take it all in, keep in mind that there’s nothing retro about it. Canter’s is a true original, having remained essentially untouched since it first started dishing up delicious food at this North Fairfax location in 1931. One look at the menu lets you know that the food hasn’t changed either, but why mess with perfection? When you’re reading the menu at Canter’s, your reading a list of the best deli food LA has to offer. Matzo ball soup is a must, served piping hot and filled with flavor. Once that’s warmed your belly, it’s time to tackle the pastrami on rye. It was voted best in the city by the LA Times,  and what a sandwich it is, with pastrami stacked so high it’s hard to wrap your mouth around it. But no matter what you order it’s going to be the same story, a whole mountain of amazing meat squeezed between thick slices of fresh baked bread. The best part: This place is open 24 hours a day, so you and your crew can get your deli fix morning, noon, and night. Keep that in mind next time you find yourselves needing something solid in your stomach at 4am. With its hours, food, and atmosphere so on point, Canter’s just might become your go-to place for good food and good times with friends.

Canter's Deli

419 N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles CA 90036

(323) 651-2030

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