Bite Into LA’s Best Rattlesnake Sausage at Wurstküche


Nothing spices up a night out with friends like some rattlesnake sausage, so grab your crew and head to Wurstküche, where the slithery reptile is most definitely on the menu. This beerhall-style sausage grill in Venice has an impressive selection of traditional sausages and trimmings, but its exotic meats give it just the excitement you’re looking for in an LA dining adventure.

As soon as you step into the small entrance nook, you’ll spy the glass deli case that houses neatly-stacked piles of bratwursts, bockwursts, and Italian sausages waiting for you to call their names. A neat, minimalist counter with a row of shiny beer taps beckons you further inside, and once you catch the aroma of the sizzling sausages and fresh-cut fries cooking, you’re hooked.

The classic German bratwurst (made with pork, coriander, and nutmeg) and Polish kielbasa (a mix of beef and pork with onion and spices) are excellent, but you’re not here to play it safe. Instead, opt for the rattlesnake and rabbit sausage, a buttery blend of diced meat that gets its bite from jalapeno peppers. Pair your snake with a smooth and spicy golden ale like the Belgian La Chouffe, and add a side of traditional Belgian fries — but make sure your friends order their own. This hearty fare is too good to share.

Beers in hand, follow the sounds of bumping house music to the lively dining room, which is lined with reclaimed wood and exposed brick. Take your seats around one of the long, community tables covered in brown butcher paper. While you wait for your food to arrive, ask a waitress for some crayons and go to town scrawling graffiti and drawing caricatures of your buddies.

Your sausage arrives on a toasted bun, topped with grilled onions and peppers, and served alongside a paper cone brimming with fries on a paper-lined, metal tray. Get ready for a lull in the conversation as everyone digs into their intense eats. Each sweet and spicy bite of the surprisingly tender rattlesnake will melt in your mouth, and the crispy, salted fries are about as close as you can get to hopping a plane to Belgium for the real deal.

Once you’ve devoured the food, order another round of beers at the bar along the back wall and raise a toast to daring dining. With rattlesnake sausage ticked off your list of exotic eats, what will you conquer next?

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