Best Food Truck Lots: Gourmet Meals on Wheels


In the mood for some truffle oil fries? A Vietnamese sub? Or maybe a sushi burrito? When you have a craving for all three that no one eatery can satisfy, bring your friends and an empty stomach to one of Los Angeles’ newly famous food truck lots for an eclectic culinary adventure.

While chasing around the fleet of food trucks that roam the city can be a great way to work up an appetite, you and your buddies find it easier to head to a truck lot to try several at once. Follow the mingling aromas of blue cheese-smothered burgers and spicy Indian curries to the Santa Monica Food Truck Lot, which is tucked in a parking lot between the California Heritage Museum and The Victorian bar on Main Street.

Between 5 and 10 p.m., join the crowd of locals perusing the selections of trucks parked around the tree-lined lot. Stand on your tiptoes and crane your neck to read the offerings, then try to guess which ones are producing the mouthwatering smells wafting through the lot. When you and your friends simultaneously express your indecisiveness, sneak a peek at the plates of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and Korean-style tacos drifting around you for further inspiration.

With the seemingly endless options food truck lots offer, sharing is implied, so make a game plan before scattering. Wait in line at Currywurst for bratwurst served with curried ketchup, while your friends set their sights on fresh Maine lobster rolls from Lobsta Truck and Flyin’ Hawaiian Sliders from Me So Hungry

After you’ve made the rounds, meet back up and beeline toward The Victorian, where you are welcome to chow down on your purchases. Take a seat on its outdoor patio under the twinkling string lights and sip one on of the bar’s signature cocktails. The only sounds you hear are chewing, satisfied sighs, and the live music played nearby — don’t worry, there will be time for conversation when you’re done.

Photo by Sher Warkentin

Santa Monica Food Truck Lot

2612 Main Street Santa Monica CA 90405

(424) 229-2874

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