As idyllic as Southern California’s weather is, sometimes putting that perfect tan on hold and heading indoors for a bit of pampering is just what the doctor ordered.  Go with some friends for a revitalizing outing at Burke-Williams Spa and let the tranquil interior put you at peace. Even if you’re a Type A personality who shudders at the thought of two hours away from your smartphone, you’ll find yourself relaxing on the massage table as one of the masseuses starts working their magic. Resistance is futile — you will relax and you will love it! Throughout your time at Burke-Williams, there is the ubiquitous sound of running water, a natural soundscape that clears your mind of the usual stresses. As you continue on your journey of rejuvenation, it’s the little touches you and your friends will appreciate, like the glasses of water and chilled fruit you can enjoy. One would be excused from going into the sauna for the sole purpose of cooling off afterward with the provided wet towels of minty essence — these little pick-me-ups take invigoration to a whole other level. After you and your friends have sufficiently relaxed, de-stressed, and indulged in comforts befitting of royalty, head just down the street to Promenade Cafe and enjoy iced teas outside while the California sun warms you in its light.

Burke-Williams Spa

1358 4th Street Santa Monica CA 90401

(310) 587-3366

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