AMC Prime at the Burbank 16: Epic Accomplished


Sink deep into the reclining seat, your eyes open wide, bracing yourself, as the movie hero leaps from certain fiery death. You watch the scene play out larger and more clearly than you’ve ever seen it before, the crystal-clear stereo sound primed by reverberating speakers. During explosions, laser blasts, and other high-action moments, you actually shake. This is the new AMC Prime experience at the Burbank 16, and it is nothing less than incredible. For your next group outing, take your friends to check out these new “rumble seats,” which let you actually feel every heart-pounding moment. This is the future of the action movie experience. Fill up first with a bite at a local eatery like Pizza Rev, where you build your own pizza. Save room for a big tub of movie popcorn, though. You’ll pass along the salty, buttery goodness to all your buddies and munch with delight as the fate of the universe is decided on the big screen. You’ll scream and jump with every death-defying blow, feeling the rush of a shared experience as the packed house cheers along. This is the way blockbusters should be seen. The AMC Burbank 16 is the place to see them.

AMC Prime at the Burbank 16

125 E Palm Ave Burbank CA 91502

(818) 953-2932

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