VIP Hollywood Tour: Go Behind The Scenes


Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes on a real film set or see how your favorite TV show is shot? On a VIP Hollywood tour you’ll get an insider’s glimpse into everything that makes Tinseltown shine. Wow your family as you see how the stars really live and work on some of the best Hollywood tours in town.

On The Set

Get up-close and personal with movie-making magic on a backlot tour of one of Hollywood’s oldest studios. Begin the Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour with a quick film montage of the countless Warner films and TV shows from the studio’s 90-year history. Get lost in the buzz of daily studio production as you wind your way through the massive sound stages and busy streets, which you will recognize from some of your favorite TV shows and movies. Your tour guide will give you the full rundown as you stop at various stages and check out all of the on-set action. As you make your way through the backlot, the kids will get a kick out of exploring Anytown USA—the ubiquitous exterior-shot stand-in that continues to serve as the setting of countless classics—while you’ll get nostalgic sitting on the Central Perk couch on the still-standing Friends set. Cap off the tour with a power lunch at the Studio Plaza Café, where you’ll rub elbows with the real studio crew and execs.

Behind the Silver Screen

Go backstage for an exclusive peek at the historic El Capitan Theatre. Your tour guide will reveal the theatre’s secrets as you explore the Wall of Fame, full of photos and memorabilia from some of biggest and most glamorous movie premieres of all time. Next, you’ll head inside, where you’ll be treated to a private viewing of the light-spangled curtain show that’s performed before each film. After the show, your family can come on stage to marvel at the theatre’s most precious gem: the “Mighty Wurlitzer” organ, which dates back to the 1920s. Then, head underground to check out the dressing rooms and the glass elevator that sends performers magically to the stage. Finally, you’ll be treated to the perfect movie theatre treat—a heaping bag of freshly popped popcorn.

Celebrity Sightings

Enjoy a glimpse of celebrity life with a Hollywood tour of LA’s star-powered neighborhoods aboard an open-air bus with Ultimate Hollywood Tours. Your extremely knowledgeable tour guide will share little known facts, juicy details, and plenty of laughs as you make your way through the winding Hollywood Hills, boutique-lined Rodeo Drive, and the Sunset Strip. The private tour allows the perfect view for snapping photos of all the sights, including sprawling celebrity homes and landmarks—like the iconic, towering Hollywood sign. Keep your eyes and cameras peeled: you never know which stars might come out as you explore these Hollywood hotspots.

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