Six Flags Magic Mountain: A Thrilling Day of Family Fun


Don’t let your kids spend another beautiful summer day in front of the TV. Instead, shake up the routine with a family trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. If the thought of thrill rides, superheroes, and a massive waterslide doesn’t get them moving, nothing will.

As soon as your get your tickets, the little ones will break into a jog at the park gates, eager to start exploring this magical place. One of the first rides you see is also one of the most impressive: the towering Lux Luthor: Drop of Doom. It was the tallest “drop tower” ride in the world when it opened in 2012, and it’s not for the timid, sending passengers hurtling down a 400 foot drop for a five-second free fall as Superman’s arch-nemesis cackles at the spectacle. Ride it with your older ones. Once you do, your adrenaline will be sky-high, so proceed without fear to the massive slingshot that is Superman: Escape from Krypton before moving on to the mind-bending X2–the world’s first 4th dimension roller coaster.

You won’t forget about your littlest ones, of course. Start them off with a laugh at a performance of the Looney Tunes Kids Club Show. There in the cozy Carrot Club Theater you’ll have a chance to rest your legs as the kids sing and dance along with Bugs and pals in an interactive, audience-participatory game. When it’s over, make a beeline to the Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers coaster. Your youngest will shriek and laugh with every gentle drop and swooping curve, and you’ll probably hear the cry of “again!” when the mouse car finally rolls to a stop.

Meet up with the rest of the family at DC Universe for a photo session with the Justice League. When it’s finally your turn to pose with Batman, the star-struck grins on your faces will make it impossible to tell who is the most excited. Your team of superheroes will band together from now on, so change into your swimsuits and run — well, walk very quickly — over to the Bamboo Racer. At this wet and wild attraction you grab toboggans, flop down on your bellies, and race downward on separate, adjoining tracks. When you all hit the big, last splash at the same time, everyone comes up laughing. It’s just another magical moment in a day filled with them.

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Six Flags Magic Mountain

26101 Magic Mountain Parkway CA 91355

(661) 255-4100

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