Pitfire Pizza: Pies With Attitude


Stepping into Pitfire Pizza is like walking into a party. Before the door has even shut behind you, you’re met with the sounds of indie rock and lively chatter from the young, hip families who beat you there. This popular spot has been doing the whole locally-sourced, artisan pizza thing since before that was even a thing, so head over on your next family day in Los Angeles and enjoy some seriously savory pies with a bit of attitude.

Built with exposed rafters and simple concrete floors, the most decorative piece in the joint is the rosy-red, wood-fired grill. It makes sense, since that 800-degree monster is the centerpiece of the restaurant, transforming a collection of ordinary ingredients into something extraordinary. The menu, which hangs right above it, tempts you to try the shrimp-and-garlic Big Sur pizza, or maybe the Greens, Eggs & Ham covered with broccolini, farm-fresh eggs, and prosciutto. Both sound amazing, as do the other eight signature pies, so you hope your family will be okay with ordering a few different things and sharing.

Fortunately, that’s easy here, as pizzas come only in individual size — four slices apiece — which means everybody can order what they want and then trade a slice or two for variety’s sake. And you’re not even limited to the house specials. Let the kids rebel against convention and become pizza artists by building their own pies from the long list of toppings like olives, grilled chicken, and all-natural bacon. You and your spouse, meanwhile, quickly decide you absolutely must try the Folded Style Garlic Chicken pizza–a sort of pizza/calzone hybrid–paired with frothy pints of St. Archer White Ale.

As you take up residence in your booth, the kids light up when they discover that Pitfire Pizza forgoes the usual free crayons to help pass the time, instead providing a few little containers of modeling clay–perfect for sculpting dough-based masterpieces of their own. It won’t be long before your pies arrive, piping-hot and fresh out of the oven. As the kids dig in, enjoy your first bite of the perfectly thin and crispy folded slice, oozing with cheese and pesto. Savor every bite, and don’t forget to cap off your family fun with some organic soft-serve ice cream, a sweet finish to a perfect family meal.

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Pitfire Pizza

12924 West Washington Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90066

(213) 808-1200

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