A trip to the video game store is motivation enough for any kid to get their act in line, especially when it’s a store as amazing as World 8. Named for the old-school “8-bit” video games like Donkey Kong and Frogger you grew up playing, this pixilated paradise stocks the classics as well as the latest releases, making it a great place to visit on your next family day. Start by walking your little electronic know-it-alls through video game history, explaining the winning strategies for Pac-Man and Space Invaders and the secrets behind Street Fighter and Mortal Combat. After you’ve made your point about how everything was better back in the day, your kids will make a beeline for the gaming stations to try out games you’ve never heard of, with graphics you never dreamed possible back in your Atari days. In addition to the games, you’ll find all kinds of related accessories, from consoles and controllers to tangible versions of the swords and shields used in the latest adventure series (that life-sized tomahawk from Assassin’s Creed III would look perfect in your living room). If your kids have been good little monsters, buying them a game or two might encourage further polite behavior and diligent study habits. If not, they’ll at least get good enough at their games to play in one of the store’s many tournaments, bringing fame and fortune to the family—or at least bragging rights for a few days.

World 8

1057 S Vermont Ave Los Angeles CA 90006


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