Free your family from the tyranny of the supermarket soda aisle with a trip to Galco’s Soda Pop Stop. This specialty grocery specializes in the fizzy stuff, so if you and your family tend to drink the same sodas over and over again, drop by and expand your soft-drink horizons. The over 500 types of soda on offer here are a revelation, with everything from root beer and sarsaparilla to ginger ale and fruit flavors all but begging to go home with you. Huckleberry soda could be just the thing for a lazy afternoon, “Leninade” is perfect for students of Russian history, and juniper-berry dry soda might change your perception of what soda can be.

Since your kids can’t try them all, have them each select their own six-pack, as Galco’s lets customers mix and match bottles to maximize sampling opportunities. If they still can’t find the perfect soda flavor, they can create their own at the do-it-yourself soda station, where kids can choose their desired syrups and level of carbonation (bubbly or REALLY bubbly), then cap and tag their bottles with a custom label of their creation. Your little soda jerks—yes, that’s the appropriate term—will need something to munch on with their fizzy inventions, so march them to the back of the store for some deli sandwiches. Nudge them toward the “Blockbuster” for a tasty trifecta of salami, ham, and turkey, since there’s every chance they’ll ask you to finish it when as they get back to the business of guzzling.

Galco's Soda Pop Stop

5702 York Blvd Los Angeles CA 90042

(323) 255-7115

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