What better way to get your kids thinking about college at an early age than letting them experience the school spirit of one of the NCAA’s most storied sites? They think they’re there on family day for a college basketball game, but little do they know this is all part of your malevolent plan to get them to start thinking about their futures at an early age!  “Muahahahahaha!” you roar, as thunder and lightning roll in the distance. Seriously, it’s impossible not to be inspired by the collegial atmosphere at the Pauley Pavilion. With the mix of students and alumni fervently supporting their Bruins, your kids will get a taste of what school pride is all about; in this case, a unique blend of sports action, fan revelry and hallowed tradition make it easy for your kids to be engrossed in something bigger than themselves. Try to arrive about a half-hour before tip-off to ensure your kids see the spirited pre-game festivities: from the marching band arrangements to the rousing player introductions, there’s nothing that won’t transfix your youngsters’ attention. The student body’s synchronized claps and chants is a spectacle your kids will definitely want to take part in, so don’t be surprised if they use the car ride home to practice so they’ll be ready for the next visit to the Pavilion. Seeing firsthand the close-knit community at a campus like UCLA will leave an indelible impression on your youngsters, one that says with a little hard work and dedication, belonging to a fine institution such as this is just a few years away.

Pauley Pavilion

301 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles CA 90095

(310) 825-2101

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