Bob Baker Marionette Theater: Hangin’ With the Kids


In this digital world we live in, it’s always good to find something to pull the kids away from the smart phones and tablets for an afternoon of old fashioned analog entertainment. Luckily, the Bob Baker Marionette Theater is here to give their imaginations a serious workout, making it an essential stop on your next family outing in Los Angeles. The outside of this historic theater–a great example of vernacular architecture–may look a little shabby, but keep in mind that it’s been entertaining kids in the same downtown location for more than half a century. And besides, the inside is still a wonderland of whimsy, and that’s what really counts. So buy your tickets, guide your kids into the main theater, and pick out some good seats on the floor. Watch your kids’ faces when the show begins and the magic of puppetry truly comes to life. The handmade marionettes from the latest show, Fun With Strings, look like something out of a dream, and you’ll all be amazed at how well the little dogs, penguins, chefs, and other characters move. (Seeing marionettes dance at the hands of a master manipulator (that’s what marionette puppeteers are called). They’ll even come into the audience at certain parts of the performance, much to the children’s delight.  And when the show’s over, you can bring your kids into the party room, where they can eat ice cream as you help them pick out a marionette to take home with them for an encore performance.

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Bob Baker Marionette Theater

1345 W 1st St Los Angeles CA 90026

(213) 250-9995

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