Tea-Off: The Best Places To Go For High Tea in Las Vegas


When you think “party in Vegas,” a tea party likely isn’t what first comes to mind. But attending a British high tea is a great way to escape the crowds and relax into luxury, which is something your weary body will crave after a long day spent wandering the Strip. So grab your blazer or bonnet, because you’re about to embark on a Wonderland journey to the best tea lounges in Las Vegas. Pinkies up!

Petrossian Bar at the Bellagio

As you walk into the Bellagio’s popular lobby bar, the first thing you notice is the man in a white suit and fedora. He looks like he’s wandered off the set of a 1930s gangster film, and he appears right at home in this old-fashioned bar and tea lounge, with its wood-paneled walls and purple velour chairs. And in a way, he is. The waitress informs you he’s a regular, comes in every day in a zoot suit to enjoy a drink and listen to the piano player, who at the moment is performing Andrea Bocelli.

It’s characters like this that serve as a reminder that, while you may be here for British high tea, there’s no mistaking that you’re in Vegas. As you sip your cup of rich English Breakfast, the sound of pinging slot machines drifts in from the casino floor (the unofficial soundtrack of Vegas). A bachelorette party sits a few tables over, and judging from their noise level, they’ve been drinking something a little stronger than Earl Grey.

Though the loose-leaf teas and deserts are delectable, what sets Petrossian apart from the competition are their tea sandwiches and the scone service. All the sandwiches on the menu are heavenly, particularly the egg salad and the smoked salmon. The quality is in the details—like the quail egg that sits daintily atop the egg salad, and the caviar spread on the smoked salmon. What’s more, the scones are served with Devonshire cream imported from England and homemade lemon curd.

The Tea Lounge at Mandarin Oriental

Talk about high tea! The Tea Lounge at The Mandarin Oriental hotel is located on the 23rd floor, offering some of the best views of Vegas. As you nibble on your scone in the quiet, tranquil lounge, your eyes are continually drawn to the lounge’s floor-to-ceiling windows, which highlight the action swirling on the Strip below. While the Bellagio may have the best tea sandwiches, the Mandarin Oriental takes the (tea)cake for the best view. The Tea Lounge is also lauded for its varieTEA: in addition to the traditional British teas, the lounge also serves a variety of Asian teas, including mandarin blossoms, organic lychee green, and the lounge’s most popular tea, jasmine green oolong.

Veranda at The Four Seasons

The Veranda at The Four Seasons is located at the end of a long hallway, carved into a quiet corner of the hotel that overlooks the pool. The mood is subdued when you arrive. Only the sound of clinking silverware and the rush of the pool’s waterfall can be heard as you take your seat in one of the cushioned wooden lounge chairs.

In addition to a wide selection of teas, the Veranda also offers champagne and a Zen Martini (Absolute White Tea Vodka, Sweet Tea Vodka, Lemon Juice Agave Nectar, and Green Tea). The most popular item on the menu is the scones, however, which are the best in Vegas. They’re light and fluffy, and according to the manager, are made daily in the hotel’s pastry kitchen.

After you finish your Mountain Berry tea (high in antioxidants and vitamin C), continue the relaxing evening with dinner at Fleur at Mandalay Bay. Tea’s all well and good, but start things off with a cocktail. (You are in Vegas, after all!)

  • Tea Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental

    3752 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89158


  • Petrossian at The Bellagio

    3600 Las Vegas Fwy, Las Vegas, NV 89109

    702-693-7111 ext. 6163

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