Las Vegas Attractions For Adrenaline Junkies


You haven’t planned out every day that you’re going to spend in Las Vegas, but you know one thing: You’re not going to be stuck indoors when there are so many things to do. Heat or no heat, you and the gang are going to get out and see what kind of Las Vegas attractions there are for adrenaline junkies.

You don’t need much time here to realize how much Vegas loves cars, and from dune buggies and indoor karting to some of the world’s most impressive classic collections, they loom large in the list of the best Las Vegas attractions too. The Las Vegas Speedway offers opportunities like Exotics Racing School, where you can get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Superleggera or Ferrari F430. But for something everyone can enjoy together, you’ll want to check out World Class Driving, a company that arranges three to four exotic rides or muscle cars at a time to take to the open roads through the desert badlands.

Zip lines seem to be everywhere, but you’ll find that Vegas does them just a little differently. On one of the newest, the VooDoo Zip Line, involves a tandem seat that travels 800 feet between the building’s towers (starting on the 51st floor!) at speeds up to 33 mph. Further out toward the Hoover Dam, Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon covers a mile and a half over four runs at speeds up to 60 mph. It all takes place over rugged desert terrain, where you’re likely to spy local bighorn sheep, lizards, hawks, and much more. And then there’s the SlotZilla Zoomline, which flies four people side by side, superhero-style from 114 feet up a giant slot machine all the way over Downtown Las Vegas’ legendary Fremont Street Experience.

Looking for something that really screams “Only in Vegas?” How about you climb up all 108 stories of the Stratosphere tower and jump off. Don’t worry, it’s not as final as it sounds: SkyJump Las Vegas is actually a safe, controlled free fall of 829 feet, making it the tallest of its kind in North America. But you’re still outside of the building with the wind tearing at your face. And you still have to jump off the tower by yourself, which definitely ranks among the craziest things you’ll ever volunteer to do.

Or maybe you just want to shoot some guns. Vegas has more than its share of shooting ranges, offering a chance to fire off anything from 100-year-old pistols to equipment that today’s Navy Seals consider state of the art. One that will likely have something for you no matter your interest has to be Battlefield Vegas, which has over 350 different weapons, including historic classics from Japan, Russia, and Germany, along with two dozen different packages. Still want more? How about you get behind the wheel of one of the company’s tanks? Yup, it has those too. Oh, and the complimentary shuttle available to pick you up from your hotel on the Las Vegas Strip is a Humvee.

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