Honolulu Cookie Company: Hawaii’s Perfect Gourmet Gift


When you think about the tropical flavors of Hawaii, what exactly comes to mind? Is it the aroma of a Kona coffee bean that’s been roasted here in the islands, or the sweet explosion of fresh lilikoi the moment it bursts in your mouth? Do you think about mango—all green and red and wonderfully pungent as it falls from the trees in summer—or the sweet snap of a macadamia as it crunches between your teeth? At the Honolulu Cookie Company on Oahu and Maui, it’s actually possible to find all these flavors in a single package.

Since the company’s founding in 1998, these premium gourmet shortbread cookies have been freshly baked and individually packaged using only the finest ingredients. The process begins at five o’clock in the morning with a collection of talented bakers, who instead of waxing their favorite surfboards and heading out to the waves, instead knead their fingers through gooey dough to prepare Hawaii’s best cookies.

Each cookie from Honolulu Cookie Company features fresh, local ingredients, such as a single Kona coffee bean that’s hand-pressed into the dough. Of the company’s 18 signature flavors, lilikoi mango and pineapple macadamia are two of the top sellers, as are the white chocolate coconut and dark chocolate Kona coffee cookies. These aren’t your pedestrian chocolate chip cookies baked en masse on a pan; these are individually crafted, gourmet dollops of pineapple shaped pieces of art. To sample the legendary flavors for yourself, head to a Honolulu Cookie Company store for an indulgent, delectable tasting. Finding a store on Oahu isn’t hard—there are 10 stores in Honolulu—and neighboring Maui has three different locations in Wailea, Ka’anapali, and Lahaina.

Store employees are known to encourage a healthy amount of sampling, which is a welcomed—and filling—way of determining your preferred tropical style. If you can’t nibble your way to a decision—or simply want them all—spring for the popular “Ultimate Collection” where all 18 of the signature flavors are grouped in a pineapple-shaped box. It’s the perfect Hawaiian gift for friends who crave a taste of the islands, and with added luxuries such as freshly churned butter and premium Guittard chocolate, is also a well-deserved treat for yourself before boarding a plane back home.

Honolulu Cookie Company

2335 Kalakaua Avenue Honolulu HI 96815

(808) 922-4818

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