Wingin’ It: Best Wings in Chicago at Jake Melnick’s


Think you can handle the hot wings truth? Want to eat chicken wings so hot, they’re one small step away from being weaponized? Considered some of the best wings in Chicago – not only by Chicagoans, but national TV shows as well – Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap takes hot wings seriously.

Chicago is in the throes of a foodie revolution. And, absolutely, if you want frou-frou, farm-fresh organic stuff, sure, Chicago’s got it. But if you want to go traditional, heart-attack-on-a-plate Chicago, best wings in Chicago Chicago, we won’t judge. In fact, we just might meet you at Jake Melnick’s for the next big game.

And instead of claiming to have the best wings in Chicago, this place claims to serve some of the hottest wings in the world. Ready? Grab a seat at the bar with a dozen friends, picnic-style, on community bar tables — or even at a cozy little table tucked in near the fireplace. With the twinkling overhead lights, brick and wood-beam decor, and elegant bistro seats, you could even bring a date here for a romantic outing. Just don’t do it during a Bears game, and don’t order the hot wings until at least date #7.

Then, first things first: Sign the waiver. That’s right — Jake’s hottest wings are so hot, ink and paper have to be brought into the matter. The famously spicy hot wings’ sauce is made with just a few drops of concentrated oil from the red savina chili pepper, the second spiciest chili pepper on the planet. In fact, the only hotter chili is used by India’s army to make grenades. Watch as one of your buddies bites down into a deliciously meaty mini-weapon, and place a few bets on how long it will take before they break down and start wildly motioning for help from one of the servers. (Staff members are trained to be ready at a moment’s notice with a soothing glass of milk or soft bread).

If that sounds too intimidating, you do have other options. Jake Melnick’s also take their milder wings, barbecue nachos, giant burgers, and beer very, very seriously. The food is about quality as much as quantity, and the portions are ginormous.

Now, want to watch a game? Or how about 20? Jake Melnick’s has more than 20 televisions, so go ahead: Just try to pick a seat with a bad view of the Bears or Bulls. Whether you’re with your best bud or 10 of your closest work friends, you’ll fit right in.

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Jack Melnick's Corner Tap

41 East Superior Street Chicago IL 60611

(312) 266-0400

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