Trainology: Buff Buddies


While some of the new wave of boutique gyms can be way out there (ballet boot camp anyone?), Trainology makes sure you meet your realistic fitness goals. Grab up a buddy or two and head to this state-of-the-art Chicago gym for a new take on circuit training. If running’s your jam, core Trainology classes have you covered. Feel the exhilaration of an intense cardio workout on Freemotion incline trainers, or strength exercises on TRX suspension bands and free weights. What’s especially cool is that you’ll have the option of tracking your progress (calories, speed, etc.) and competing with others through a specially designed band that displays your results on several flat-screen monitors. If you’re not much of a runner, you can still find great ways to keep moving. Hikeology lets you hit the treadmills for brisk walks on inclines that go up to—and down—30 degrees. Glideology utilizes special glide boards where you’ll “skate” side to side while toning and lifting your backsides. Of course, you’ll also take on some vigorous strength training exercises. You’ll enjoy the camaraderie that comes from shared sweat. Your friends may hate you during class, but they will definitely thank you when swimsuit season rolls around.

Trainology Fitness

309 W Chicago Ave Chicago IL 60654

(312) 526-3268

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