If you and your friends are looking for a place for a leisurely gathering where you can sample the ultimate flavors of Chicago, look no further than the world famous Gino’s East Pizzeria. Don’t count on a hurried, in-and-out meal at Gino’s, as all aspects of your culinary adventure will take some time. So slow down and relish the experience that will be well worth the time spent here. Send someone inside to fetch beer or cocktails for the group to drink in line while you people watch and work up an appetite for the pizza feast to come. Don’t forget to bring your marker (or white out pen) so you can leave your mark on the “graffiti” covered walls to commemorate your gathering! Sausage is the traditional Chicago topping of choice, and after one slice of this heavy-duty pie you’ll already be loosening your belt. If you just can’t get enough, take a frozen pie with you on the way out so you can savor Gino’s all over again at home.

Gino's East

162 East Superior Street Chicago IL 60611

(312) 266-3337

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