Kokorokoko: Get With the ’80s


No, you did not just step out of a time machine and into the Reagan era. Kokorokoko is where ’80s and ’90s fashions go for a second (or third) chance at life, and it’s where you go with your friends for some bargains and retro fun. Think more along the lines of Fresh Prince than Clueless, though you can probably find VHS versions of both stashed away on the shelves. Either way you’re bound to unearth a few treasures from the lovingly-curated collection for your next theme party, so drop by this popular Wicker Park vintage shop and browse until inspiration strikes. Model a Chicago Bulls snapback for the mirror, brimming with Jordan-era pride. Remind your friends what time it is in a pair of baggy hammer pants. Look, like, totally awesome in a color-blocked windbreaker–perfect for wearing as you play with your Rubik’s Cube in the mall. All pieces are hand-picked by the owners to fit not only a certain vintage aesthetic, but also a very contemporary hipster attitude, infused with fun and a great sense of humor. Some of the pieces are even tweaked and customized by the owner herself, who is also an artist and designer. After paying for your new outfits, you and your friends agree that it’s refreshing to find a place that doesn’t take itself so seriously. And with “Thug Life” Tupac tall tees and Clarissa Explains It All-themed parties, how could it?

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1323 North Milwaukee Avenue Chicago IL 60622

(773) 252-6996

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