You know that movie you love where the shy amateur walks into a karaoke bar, picks up the microphone in front of an indifferent crowd, and launches into a soulful rendition of a classic song so powerful that the room erupts into emotional applause? If that scene is going to happen anywhere, it will happen at Alice’s Lounge, one of the coziest, most welcoming karaoke bars in Chicago. Invite the shower Sinatras and bedroom Beyonces you count as friends to spend a lively evening at this Avondale lounge. It’s nothing fancy, boasting wood-veneer walls and a drop ceiling straight out of a ‘70s-era rec room, but it somehow fills that little hole in your soul better than the fanciest spots in town. Start with a round of cocktails or locally-brewed beers, then plot out your musical strategy for the night. Maybe you’ll want to get up on the stage to belt out a wicked rendition of “Lady Marmalade,” or perhaps your friends would prefer the mic to come to your table to perform Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf” as a group. (If you’re actually hungry like a wolf, avail yourself of the free potluck buffet.) Whatever your pleasure, from The Carpenters to Kanye, Alice has got your back. Add in a group of regulars worthy of American Idol and you’re ready for your star turn.

Alice's Lounge

3556 W Belmont Ave Chicago IL 60618

(773) 279-9382

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