Kuma’s Corner is not a place to bring your parents—unless your parents are into heavy metal, that is. With Iron Maiden blasting in the background and graffiti-covered bathroom walls, this nine-table burger pub is best suited to a gathering with your hardest-rocking friends, who will absolutely love the place. The bar specializes in local beers, and the mac ‘n’ cheese is easily among the best in the city, but when you get to the burgers things start to get very interesting. Each burger on the menu is named after a past or present metal band, so you can make your selection based on the mouthwatering ingredients in the Led Zeppelin (bacon and slow-cooked pork shoulder) or the Pantera (blue cheese dressing and buffalo sauce) or who had more face-melting guitar solos—a topic that will likely spawn a heated debate among your group. It might take a few minutes for a table to open up, but you’ll all see what all the fuss is about when you dig in to those steaming hot burgers. Watch the satisfied nods escalate to full-on head-banging as music and food become one.

Kuma's Corner

2900 W Belmont Ave Chicago IL 60618

(773) 604-8769

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