Glazed & Infused: Doughnut Decadence


Some mornings call for a healthy breakfast, and some mornings call for what you really want: doughnuts. So when you’re having one of those mornings, call up a friend or two to meet you at Glazed & Infused, where fancy, decadent doughnuts are waiting to brighten your day. Walking into the bright and airy shop, you’ll see rows upon rows of these sweet, colorful confections beautifully laid out in the display case. There might be a line, but it moves fast, so have your plan of attack ready when it’s your turn. You won’t find your everyday, basic doughnuts here. Instead you’re treated to creations like light and fluffy vanilla bean doughnuts, salty and sweet maple bacon bars called Long Johns (pictured) crowned with a full piece of bacon, and decadent crème brulee-filled doughnuts. They even have a gluten-free version so your “G-free” friend won’t feel left out. Order a bunch of different doughnuts so everyone can take bites and decide on the winner. You’ll need to take sips of coffee between every bite as a palate cleanser, of course. Glazed & Infused is a great place to hit on the way to work, but it’s an even better spot to visit on a Saturday or Sunday morning, when the stories from last night’s party are still fresh in your mind.

Glazed & Infused

813 W Fulton St Chicago IL 60607

(312) 226-5556

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