Imagine Pinterest coming to life! Instead of gushing about your dream home decor and favorite quirky jewelry with your friends over a cold, hard computer screen, visit this shop with friends so you can chat about all the items right in front of you in its three-dimensional glory. It’s not a dream, it’s Shop 1021. This store is the perfect place to visit with friends and find all the gifts that you never even knew you wanted. No matter what occasion everyone is shopping for, from engagements to housewarmings and baby showers to birthdays, you can find something that fits the bill at this Logan Square gift emporium. Since the amount of cute objects on display can be a tad overwhelming, it’s great to bring buddies to point out that cute bracelet that you had overlooked. But be extra stealthy when you’re here with your pals – you can’t let them see the perfect gift for their birthdays that you just snagged off the shelves. And don’t forget about gifts for yourself!

Shop 1021

2650 Milwaukee Avenue Chicago IL 60647

(773) 235-1021

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