Flywheel Chicago: Cycling Between Friends


Everyone’s got that one longtime friend who’s madly competitive over just about everything. And since your pal takes every opportunity to go head to head with you, it’s time to meet up at Flywheel Chicago so you can battle it out on the torque board. That torque board is what sets Flywheel apart from other indoor cycling classes, as it showcases the top 10 male and female scorers, amping up the competition as you climb the rankings, hoping to surpass your frenemy and everyone else in the room. Your epic showdown needs an appropriate soundtrack to keep you motivated, and you can always count on high-energy hits throughout the 45- or 60-minute sessions here. You’ll find the instructors very strategic in their music selections, from hard-hitting heavy metal to keep you racing, to old-school hip-hop when you’re slowing down for the climb. You’ll even feel like you’re at a party during the “arms song,” which has groovier beats to help you through as you lift two- and four-pound weights to tone your upper body. In fact, you’ll be having so much fun that you just might forget about the competition with your compadre. That’s exactly what they’re hoping for, so keep your eyes on that torque board. Second place is first loser.

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Flywheel Chicago

710 N State St Chicago IL 60610

(312) 624-8485

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