Dante’s Pizzeria: Thin is In


If there’s one topic that will always spur a heated debate anywhere in the Chicago area, it’s the age-old question of thick crust or thin. Ask the fine folks at Dante’s Pizzeria and the answer will come in loud and clear: THIN. This Alighieri-themed spot in Logan Square may not be a dark forest, but you and your friends can definitely experience a divine comedy over its delectable thin-crust pies. Your journey begins in an inferno of hunger, burning like a fire in your belly. You’ll then trod through the purgatory of waiting for your food (fortunately, there’s a BYOB policy here and you remembered a nice bottle of wine). Finally, you emerge into a paradise of New York-style pizza. Don’t forget to fold it – the only proper way to eat a thin slice. This no-frills pizza joint is a perfect place for a casual meal with your buddies. They’re open until 11 every night, making it a smart stop on your way home from an early-ish night, or on your way out for a late one. With pizzas bigger than certain circles of hell, abandon all diets, ye who enter here.

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Dante's Pizzeria

3028 W Armitage Ave Chicago IL 60647

(773) 342-0002

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