Weirdest Spa Day Ever? Soak in Salt at Galos Cave Spa


Unless you’ve been to salt caves in Poland, you’ve never been anywhere like this before: An indoor wonderland of soft lights, soothing sounds, and most of all, the tang of salt in the air. The Galos Cave Spa’s “salt cave” is exactly what it sounds like — a room of thick Black Sea salt crystals covering the floor, the walls, even forming stalactites overhead. When you want to get away from everything, relax, and be refreshed, some time in the Galos Cave Spa is perfect. The best part? You can bring everything (or everyone) with you.

Go with as many kids as you want (toddlers are free), sit back in a beach chair and let the sand – oops, sorry – salt slip through your fingers… Holistic medicine gurus say salt air is excellent for you, revitalizing your respiratory system and clearing your skin. A 45-minute session in a salt cave is the equivalent of two days of breathing in salt air at the beach; people claim to feel rejuvenated for hours after their time in the cave.

When you go, park at the Jolly Inn, pay at the front desk, and (if you really want to embrace the beachiness of the experience), get into your swimsuit. When you enter the cave, the air is warm, and you swear you can hear the swishing of the ocean tide. Set your little ones up in the corner, where they can play with the beach toys provided and pretend they’re at the shore. Then settle into the most luxurious beach chair you’ve ever encountered and pretend you’re getting a tan.

Lean back in your weight-redistributing chair, and it’s as if you’re floating. The air is warm (salt generates heat), and a glance over at your older relatives reveals they’re napping. Good idea. But you can’t help but look around you and take in this fascinating replica of a natural salt cave. You appreciate the chill, clubby aura provided by the colored lights and the built-in speakers (you did hear the ocean), but the magical-looking real stalactites fascinate you. Breathe in and be refreshed by the salt air stinging your sinuses.

Its just a short respite from regular life, but it seems to really reset you profoundly. A couple of your stubborn family members still seem a little skeptical – but after your day in the cave, you’re more than eager to escort them on your next session.

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Galos Cave Spa

6501 West Irving Park Road Chicago IL 60634

(773) 283-7701

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