Pizzeria Uno: Deep Dish Delight on Family Night


It’s time to get excited about family night again. The kids have been waiting for it all week, and you’re more than ready to relax and let someone else take care of the cooking and washing up. The moment has finally arrived for your much-anticipated family dinner at Pizzeria Uno. Not just any Pizzeria Uno, but the original. The classic. The River North mothership of deep dish pizza (not that there isn’t some debate on the topic). Because of Uno’s worldwide fame, the wait can be pretty long at peak hours, so make it an early-bird night and beat the crowds.

Upon entry, you are immediately enchanted by the irresistible aroma of bubbling cheese, simmering tomato sauce, and roasted garlic. Then you notice the black and white checkered walls and floor tiles, and the old fashioned Chicago signs giving off a classic, nostalgic atmosphere that lets you know in no uncertain terms where you are. Skip the usual debate over sausage versus pepperoni versus “ew gross!” grown-up ingredients like broccoli, peppers, and onions. At Uno’s (that’s what the locals call it), you can all get individual deep dish pizzas loaded up with exactly what you want, no compromise required.

All conversations fall silent when the pies are delivered to the table, and the satisfied smiles and nods are all you need to tell you that you’ve found something the whole family can agree on. For dessert, stick with the deep-dish theme with a deep-dish sundae: a giant chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. It’s sweet finish to a delicious family night out.

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Pizzeria Uno

29 East Ohio Street Chicago IL 60611

(312) 321-1000

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