Mr. Kite’s: The Ultimate Sugar Rush


When you walk into Mr. Kite’s Chocolate Shop, you’ll feel a sugar rush before you even eat a morsel. Just peering into the shiny glass display cases filled with the most tantalizing treats you’ve ever seen is enough to make your heart race. There’s not enough willpower in the world to turn down a sinfully delicious goody from this beloved boutique, so indulge your sweet tooth now before someone gets hurt. (You can always make up for it with a light dinner later.) Your kids will obviously agree, since that means they get to pick out their own treats too. With chocolate truffles, gourmet cupcakes, caramel apples, cannolis, s’mores, raspberry jellies, pretzel twists, and old-fashioned English toffee, you’ll be overwhelmed by all the options. Better get a little bit of everything, then, since you can use any leftovers to bribe the little ones into good behavior on the ride home. Starry-eyed as they peer into the packed display cases, let them take their time. It just means that you’ll have more time to browse the selections and do some sampling. If you’re lucky, longtime owner Dominic will let you try one of his raved-about chocolate-covered strawberries as he whips up a new batch. In addition to single-serving items, you can also pick up gift baskets filled with confections for your sweet-loving aunt. So go on and give into those cravings. The guilt is so worth it.

Mr. Kite's Chocolate Shop

6 W Maple St Chicago IL 60610

(312) 664-7270

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