No excuse is needed for a trip to Lou Malnati’s, because family night at this world-famous pizzeria is a special occasion in itself. The mere mention of Malnati’s—the oldest family name in Chicago pizza—will get everybody’s mouth watering, and once you smell the heavenly aromas of Chicago’s finest deep-dish pizza, you’ll want to dig right in. As popular as it is, there’s often a wait, but here’s a secret: Place your pizza order at the same time you put your name down for a table. Once you’re seated, you’ll have a hot, steaming, succulent pizza pie in front of you in no time. Then it becomes a challenge to eat slowly, because after you get a slice of that delicious, flaky crust with bubbling cheese, zingy tomato sauce, and layers of fresh sausage in front of you, you’ll barely want to stop to take a breath. While the kids are absorbed in their own personal pizza paradise, parents will enjoy a plethora of people-watching opportunities, which may even include a celebrity sighting or two, since stars love Malnati’s pizza too. Don’t want the fun to end? Pick up a frozen pizza on the way out so you can enjoy a repeat of family pizza night at home.

Lou Malnati's

439 N Wells St Chicago IL 60654

(312) 828-9800

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