The sun is shining. There’s a pleasant breeze in the air. You’re strolling through Millennium Park with your family on another beautiful Chicago day. In this park filled with public art pieces, you admire some from afar, letting your kids play around at the interactive Crown Fountain and run free among the wildflowers in the Lurie Garden. But the one masterpiece that makes you all stop and stare is the massive, smooth, silver shape resting in AT&T Plaza. This mirrored oblong object reflects everything, from the sky to your family’s faces, which are all momentarily frozen in awe. Welcome to Cloud Gate or, as it’s more affectionately known in town, the Bean. The stainless steel and rounded surfaces guarantee that you’ll be seeing things from a new perspective, and considering this sculpture is essentially a large-scale funhouse mirror, you’ll want to snap some silly photos of the kids in the looking glass. Thanks to the park’s free public wifi, you can upload them straight to the internet. Nothing gets more “likes” than family fun in an amazing place.

Cloud Gate

201 E Randolph St Chicago IL 60601

(312) 742-1168

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